Slade Pruitt

Founder of VVIDESSNCE and 2144 Museum (TBA).

Graphic artist and clothing designer from Saint Louis, Missouri.

I am continuously affected by the study of work from various disciplines, and how these entities will shape the future of design. My focus is on familiarizing myself with innovative techniques/details of various mediums, and integrating that knowledge with my own visual processing to create an experimental brand identity and unique design style.


Graphic Design - Freelance since 2015

Collaboration - Various artists at an international level

VVIDESSNCE - Graphic design/printing, garment design, photography direction, advertising, international distribution, website design (basic knowledge of html)


Missouri State University - Graphic Design (2017-Current)


GQ Magazine - “The Reddit Page Where Streetwear Brands Are Born” (Interview and Feature)

SOWHT - “VVID ESSNCE Drops New “Sleepy Hilltop” Lookbook (Feature)

SOWHT - “Volume II From VVID ESSNCE Finally Out” (Feature)